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I'm 22 and I've been friends with this

I'm 22 and I've been friends with this, Ricky, since I was 16 and he was like 21. I discovered him on MySpace, as he was in a band back then and I really liked their music and thought he was really cute. I had a huge crush on him and we became friends and he mailed me some band merchandise (shirt, CD's, stickers) He lives on the opposite side of the country and he has never had any reason to come here and I've never had the money to go visit him. His band has changed names and members quite a few times over the last 6 years and when they tour, they usually only tour in surrounding areas. Well, I was drunk the other night and I wrote him and asked him when he'd be coming here. He reacted well to hearing that I was drunk and told me he'd be coming in the spring and asked what "drunk fun" I had up my sleeve. He also sent another message saying that he really liked one of my pics and that he never knew I had a body and that, that was a compliment. He said "forgive me for saying, but you grew up!" lol He told me I could drunk text/IM him anytime and I told him I would drunk text him, but I don't have his #. He sent me his # and said "let the drunk texting begin!" and also, I told him if he ever feels like coming here for any reason, that he has a place to stay and he asked where he'd stay. Obviously, he could stay here lmao. Do you think he's interested in possibly having a fling when he visits in the spring? I know it's stupid to have a fling, but he lives across the country and a relationship isn't realistic with him.
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